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这是neobux的admin在sandraclicks 发表的文章:

Good evening,

As you will read in the news section of English, the woman who encouraged me to create this page, the woman who made it necessary for this page to move forward was hospitalized for emergency on 14th of this month.

She tube vomiting blood and estubo very bad these days, the hospital was found to stomach cancer ... can be believed? a person so young, so alive that he saw had cancer ... and the bad thing is that it was malignant ....
We performed an operation that was at risk in order to remove the tumor but unfortunately that was not resisted the operation.

The day we were yesterday was a great woman, the woman with whom I was going to marry in January .... we had a lot of plans together, but she is no longer here but ... I feel totally shattered, made a complete ***** without knowing how to do ... without knowing who will be in my life without it ... not refuse to be without it ... I am dead in life.

I am without sleep since yesterday, I came to my house to move to go to the funeral and only spent a few minutes here to let them know the reason for the absence of the manager ....

I hope they can understand how I feel or make the effort to do so ... lei in the English part of a user who thought it was a prexto ... I wanted to take their money ... you know what? I do not care .... if I do not think to ask for their money alertpay, I would not put any excuse if they want their money back ... and I do not care nothing, not even if I will continue here .. if I should be alive ... is not nothing.

I'm taking painkillers for not *** nonsense .. but good, I think he has many interests them maybe not what happens to me, Sandra was my life, the only love that tube and never more tendre.

I hope this can be translated into English text I have written ... I do not have time to think or how to write properly ...

Thanks to those who understand this and those who do not, either way .. is not your life that has collapsed

众所皆知,neobux admin是sandraclicks admin的男朋友,
同时,sandraclicks offer取消



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